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  • Tech Tips - Delete A Facebook Account How to Delete a Facebook accountOk so you're over Facebook and want to delete your account now what?Login to you Facebook account then go to Settings > Account Settings. If you look at the very bottom of the page you will see a link that says "Deactivate Account". Click on the link and say goodbye to Facebook. I hope this helps!

  • Tech Tips - How Not to Get Your Facebook Page Hacked. Stay Hacker Free!Facebook is one of the coolest sites ever! I’ve reconnected with so many friends and family members from elementary school to college. Enjoy Facebook just be aware of the dangers that lurk.Hackers love people like you!Change your Password!I know, you’ve probably used the same password since junior high. Hackers love people like you, when you don’t change your password you make it easy for them to steal it.Get in the habit of changing your password at least every 3 months. There are programs out there that hackers can run to crack your password, so please when creating a password use something that can’t be found in a

  • 10 Tips on Finding the Best Computer Repair Company in Grand Prairie Your computer may run on the newest and most advanced systems imaginable, but you will have to face reality eventually; there will come a time when you will need to get your computer repaired. If your knowledge of computers does not extend further than the basics, it may be hard for you to decide which computer repair company to trust. With so many computer repair businesses in Grand Prairie, finding one you can count on can bring on a headache. To avoid engaging the wrong one, have these tips in mind when googling computer repair Grand Prairie. 1. Established Grand Prairie Computer Repair Specialists Grand Prairie may have

  •   Here's how to change your Gmail password: Click the  gear in the top right. Select Settings. If you're on a mobile device, switch to desktop view for the full list of settings. Open the Accounts tab. In the 'Change account settings' section, click Change password. In the new window, enter your current password and your new password. Make sure you create a unique password to help keep someone from breaking in to your account. Here are a few tips for creating your password, and keeping it safe: If your password isn't working, you'll need to go through our password recovery process. Google Apps users, please contact your organization's IT admin for help with password recovery.